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About us

Hi Friend!

We're Cassie + Gaynor.

We're a mother/daughter duo who are inspired by our gorgeous model muse, Poppy.

We started P+P because I (Cassie) was spending all of my monies on fabulous handmade clothes + accessories for Poppy and.... I didn't want that to stop..... but my credit card (and husband) did!

Gma (Gaynor) developed our Sun Buddy Hats because despite my ridiculous shopping addiction, I just couldn't find a hat that I liked for Poppy.  We found some materials that we liked + a pattern that suited and VOILA! The first Sun Buddy was born!

As for our Printed Design range -- I had screenprinted back in school (many) years ago and had a bazillion design ideas running through my brain.  So, after a few days of grappling with Illustrator and some new silk screens, we had our very first designs!

And the rest is history......


We're so happy that you've found us! We're extremely proud of our products and hope you love them too! We'd love to hear from you, so..... send us a message, join us on Facebook, or Instagram. Show us your little cherub donning some P+P delights!


Cass+Gaynor xo